Organizing, like dog grooming, is all in the details.

How can I help you save time? Let's face it, time is money. How much time have you wasted looking for items rarely used, moving one important pile from here to there, finding it harder to "just get started" on what you know needs to be done? Let me help.

I liken it to Feng shui, when things flow you don't get stuck.

How can I help you save money? I am resourceful. As a business owner for many years, I strive for making sure my clients receive value from my services. I will make use of what you currently own, recycling what I can, organizing the rest, and leave you feeling more organized and productive with a plan to maintain it.

Everybody needs help sometimes, just ask. 


3 hours         $150.

1 day              $300.

  4 days            $1200.



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Bath: With its tubes of makeup, bottles of medicine, mess of cords, and more, your bathroom may not inspire a relaxing, get ready routine, but it can. I will help you create a simple system to keep everything in its place, at your fingertips when needed, and organized to provide a calming morning routine.


Closet: Closets can be the cause of quite a bit of stress. Let me help you instead to create an organized, functional storage system that will not only save you time, it will lessen the stress helping you to be the best you can be. Start everyday confident, fresh, and unhurried with a closet that contains what you need to project your best self.


Drawers: You may have drawers in every room in your home. Do you know what is in them? Drawers should be organized and contain not only what you need when you need it, but be where you expect it to be. Too often drawers are filled with the unused items, not allowing you to organize what you do use. I will show you how to become more productive, better organized, and have peace of mind that comes from knowing where to find something when you need it.


Garage: It's about more than just fitting your car into the space. Often it contains your seasonal storage, your sporting equipment, your tools and treasures that your other half has acquired. Take back your garage, know where to find what you are looking for, and get rid of what is no longer needed. Let me help make your garage an organized area that you won't mind the neighbors looking into.


Pantry: How many times have you returned from grocery shopping to find that you have purchased an item that you already had, hidden on the rear of a shelf? Or, even worse, to find that you have forgotten an item you need because you thought you already had it. Let me organize your pantry so that that never happens again. Be organized, save money, and save time.


Office: Contrary to popular belief, a disorganized work space does not show how busy you are, it shows how disorganized you are. Increase your productivity whether it be at home, or in your office, or even better, both. From paper management, to supply organization, and everything between, a little time spent with me developing an easy to maintain system of organization will increase the time you have to spend on what's really important, yourself.


Kitchen: The kitchen is the heart of the home. For some, it is where the family gathers to eat, converse, and start or end the day. Why not make it on a positive note? An uncluttered place to relax and talk, to visit and share, to entertain or to be entertained, only makes the experience that much better. Let me work with you to make your life that much easier, and to provide a place for you to be who you need to be, the best you can.